Online analysis

To make content available to subscribers sooner and to allow more advanced searching and navigation of available content, Eye For Business offers the subscription-only “MyEye” portal with every subscription. The portal gives access to articles and insight based according to the subscription preferences of the subscriber. The content made available through MyEye is the same as that contained in the user-generated reports, but it is published on an immediate and ongoing basis rather than quarterly. Among the key features of the MyEye portal are:

  • A repository of articles organised according to industries, regions and themes, with relevant insights, tables of present and historical data, and a combination of static and dynamic charts
  • Simple and advanced search options will be available to find relevant content alongside hierarchical menus allowing subscribers to “drill down” on content within their chosen industries, regions and themes
  • Subscribers can save or bookmark their favourite articles together for later viewing
  • Online management of subscriber accounts, from personal details to payments, upgrades and privacy preferences.