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MyEye: Online analysis

A key feature of “MyEye”, the subscription-only access portal of EFB, online analysis includes data-centred insight and graphics tailored to each subscriber’s chosen subscription. New articles are made available, and existing ones are updated, regularly. In addition, new subscribers can search articles and navigate content through a taxonomy linked to industries, geographic regions and themes, as well as topical “tags” such as Covid-19 or “technology”.

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MyEye: Reports

1Reports are the other key feature of “MyEye”. Subscribers can generate graphically-rich custom reports (in pdf format) of relevant economic, business and company developments every calendar quarter. These reports are based on the “online analysis” posted to the MyEye portal in the corresponding three-month period, and can be generated at any time by the subscriber with the click of a button. The content of the report reflects the subscription preferences of each subscriber.

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Custom research & writing

Beyond its subscription-based products, EFB also offers custom research and business writing services. Based on its expertise in data-centred analysis of global business issues across critical industries, geographic regions and sustainability, EFB can provide a quote for custom insight that is informed but not overwhelmed by data. Contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.

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