Designed especially for subscribers lacking the time to navigate through the online analysis of Eye For Business, the subscription-only MyEye portal offers the ability to generate reports that can be downloaded for later reading. These “on-demand” reports are based on articles made available through the MyEye portal’s online analysis during a particular quarter. The content of the reports reflects the subscription preferences of each subscriber, covering macroeconomics as well as key industries, geographic regions and themes. In summary, the key features of the reports available through the MyEye portal are:

  • Each quarter, subscribers can at any time create customised, on-demand reports covering macroeconomics, key industries, geographic regions and themes
  • The reports are made available for download in a rich graphical format, in a structure that ensures concise, comprehensive and consistent coverage
  • The number and type of reports a subscriber can generate through the MyEye portal will depend on the subscription selections made