The mobility industry, representing the products and technologies that move people and goods for business, leisure and trade, has a significant role to play in facilitating economic activity and also in global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The mobility industry has evolved into a vital international value chain providing employment and human well-being. While the Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across the most vulnerable parts of the mobility value chain, EFB continues to believe that the industry's environmental importance is too great to ignore. EFB’s mobility industry analysis includes:

  • Aligned with international industry classifications, a comprehensive overview of the mobility value chain covering the aviation, automotive, shipping and other transport sectors
  • • A review of sustainability-related developments in the mobility industry in terms of the most relevant UN Sustainable development Goals (especially SDG#7, “Clean energy”, SDG#9, "Resilient infrastructure" and SDG#11 , "Sustainable cities", as well as industry-level climate impact and company-level sustainability efforts
  • Analysis of major geographic regions and topical issues such as electrification and digitalisation, alongside analysis of other industrial value chains of overlapping concern with the mobility industry, particularly the energy and construction industries