Dominated by the sizeable macroeconomic footprint of China and India, the Asia-Pacific region is well-placed to recover from the impact of Covid-19. Although not immune from the economic forces driving higher inflation and inhibiting growth in other geographic regions, economic activity in the Asia-Pacific region is likely to be supported by a recovery in domestic demand and international trade. Yet this regional perspective masks considerable country-specific variation, as EFB’s analysis of sub-regions and countries bears out. Highlights include:

  • Comprehensive macroeconomic analysis of the Asia-Pacific region, its sub-regions and countries, from output to employment, prices, government finances and trade. Population dynamics are also examined with urban-rural and age-related disaggregation
  • Consideration of key industrial value chains, with a particular focus on the food, energy, tourism, construction & real estate and health industries
  • A thorough examination of the theme of sustainability, at the level of UN Sustainable Development Goals, as well as industry- and company-specific developments