Latin America & the Caribbean

The Covid-19 pandemic and rising global macroeconomic instability have clouded the short-term prospects of the Latin America & Caribbean region. Still, its potential for significant growth and prosperity, in the long run, is considerable and undeniable. While policy challenges abound in terms of economic informality, education, infrastructure and productivity, and country-specific differences are significant, opportunities for technology-enabled progress in several industrial value chains are likely to emerge. The region’s vast natural resource endowment also opens the pathway to sustainable growth based on renewable energy and new industries. EFB’s related coverage includes:

  • Comprehensive macroeconomic analysis of the Latin America & Caribbean region, its sub-regions and countries, from output, to employment, prices, government finances and trade. Population dynamics are also examined with urban-rural and age-related disaggregation
  • • Consideration of key industrial value chains, with a particular focus on the food, energy, tourism, construction & real estate and health industries
  • A thorough examination of the theme of sustainability, at the level of UN Sustainable Development Goals, as well as industry- and company-specific developments