The macroeconomic outlook provides an effective “frame” for the prospects of industries and geographic regions. It can also affect company-level decisions on output, investment and employment. Eye For Business applies best-practice macroeconomic analysis to form an overall view of macroeconomic risks and opportunities based on a vast database of relevant data. The substance and structure of EFB’s macroeconomic analysis, including the data collected, are used to frame the analytical content produced for each industry value chain, geographic region and thematic issue. Available as part of any subscription plan focused on industries, regions and themes, EFB’s broad macroeconomic coverage includes:

  • Analysis of the real sector of the global economy in terms of output, employment, wages and prices
  • A look at the fiscal sector as regards government finances, and the financial sector concerning interest rates, stock prices and overall financial system stability
  • An assessment of the external sector in relation to trade, investment, reserves and exchange rates